Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Exam Review: 21 c-d

c) Convert 22Mg to

d) If a stack of ten 3.5 inch diskettes is measured to 34 millimeters high, and each disk has a mass of approximately 2.34 grams, how many kilograms would a stack of disks 12.34m high be?
         10 diskettes=34mm=0.34cm=23.4g
                      1 diskette=2.34g
         new height=12.34m=1234cm
            (Answer: how many diskettes will fit x 2.34g)
          (disk height)

        # of disks in new height=1234cm/0.034cm=36,000 (w/ sig figs)
        # of disks x 2.34g=weight of new height=84,240g=84.24kg

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