Monday, September 13, 2010

The Physical and Chemical Properties of an Eraser

I chose an eraser as my object to test on because it seemed like an object with not that many chemical properties, but I was determined to find at least one that would change it’s chemical make-up. The process that ended up doing so was the burning of the eraser. The eraser formed into black, or carbon, changing the chemical make-up of the Magic Rub Eraser. Out of the four other chemical properties I tested, none of the rest worked. I feel like a chose a challenging object that would not necessarily react to everything.
Phy1: The eraser’s size is 5.7 cm by 2.4 cm by 0.9 cm. Measuring the eraser using a ruler with a centimeter scale on it can prove this.

Phy2: Color- From observation, the eraser is an eggshell white color.

Phy3: Smell- From observation, the eraser is made of synthetic rubber but it smells like new plastic.

Phy4: Malleability- The eraser is not really malleable. It can bend one way at a 90 angle at most.
Phy5: Hardness- The eraser is soft but a solid, so the molecules are close together.

Chem1: Bleach- Nothing happened when the eraser and Clorox bleach came in contact with each other. There was not chemical reaction.
Chem2: Vinegar- When placed in vinegar, the eraser did not react chemically with the liquid. The vinegar just made the eraser the smallest bit more malleable.

Chem3: Fire- When I set the eraser on fire, it gave off a really strong scent of burning rubber. It smelled like there was a car race and the tires were all skidding. The eraser also changed to a dark brown color and shrunk. The eraser reacted chemically with the fire.
Chem4: Boil- When I boiled the eraser for a few minutes, it came out more malleable. It also gave off heat and a smell that smelled like burnt rubber, or car tires that had just skidded. There was no chemical reaction though.
Chem5: Rubbing alcohol- When I put the eraser in rubbing alcohol it became more malleable, but there was no chemical reaction.


  1. Kira, you did a really great job on your blog! :) Your experiments were very interesting and I really liked your pictures!

  2. Hey Kira! I loved how you used a lot of pictures in your blog! I do have a suggestion for you! Maybe you could explain how you knew the burning of rubber was a chemical reaction? I loved that you chose erasers! Theyre interesting!

  3. Kira I like your experiment. I too was interested in what would happen to the eraser as soon as I started reading it. I liked how you explained your physical changes by giving an explanation of how you came up with that property and what made you come up with that property. I think you should have added a conclusion statement to wrap your experiment and to tell the reader what you could have done differently, your doubts and how you felt about this experiment. Other than that I really liked your experiement it made me curious to read what would happen.